Saturday, September 10, 2005

My New Obsession

I spend about an hour and a half yesterday looking at stuff about diesel cars:

A $120/year membership to the Twin Cities Biodiesel Co-op gets you 100% biodiesel for $2.90/gallon. That doesn't sound like too good of a deal off the bat, but you can also get Waste Vegetable Oil from them for 40 cents a gallon, and that burns just like diesel fuel.

For Annie, you can get a 2006 New Beetle with a TDI diesel engine for around $19,000. They get good gas mileage, and with front-wheel drive, you can get out of the unplowed alley.

Unfortunately, other people have the same idea, because there are no cheapie TDI (or regular diesel, for that matter) used vehicles around the Twin Cities.


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