Thursday, June 23, 2005

Heat Hot Hut

Marlee mentioned something about the general climatic trends here in Minnesota a couple of days ago...
...I can't imagine anyplace having more interesting weather than Minnesota. The range between that state's record low (-60) and record high (114) is a mind-boggling 174 degrees. A foot or more of snow can fall on Halloween or Easter, and the most remarkable storms come rolling in on summer days....

As I sit here waiting for our forecast high of 98 degrees, I like to think on a smaller scale: In Minnesota, it's common to have a 100-degree turnaround within six months: Think ten below in January and 90 above in June. Happens every year.

As I write this, Tillie comes in dripping wet. We got a wading pool for our dogs to lounge in, and Tillie (the Lab/Rottie) was too hot to even bother shaking off! That's hot! (As certain celebrities might say).


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