Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ascension Academy: Public School?

Is this a conflict of interest within the First Amendment? From Insight News:
(Dorwatha) Woods is the Principal Administrator of both the Acension School (K-8 Catholic school) and Acension Academy, a charter high school. Both schools are located in the Old Highland neighborhood in North Minneapolis.

Asked to describe the two schools, Woods said, “There is not much difference except the religion factor. In the Catholic elementary school, we can talk about God and Jesus, which we cannot do in the charter high school. However, we do have many faith filled families in the high school. The children and the families themselves bring that spiritual element into the school through topics of conversations that they have and the activities that the children do outside the school day.”
And, you can "talk about God and Jesus" in a public high school, you just can't teach religion. But I bet that private elementary school makes a nice feeder system!

Also, later in that article, a parent mentions:
She added, “my daughter came to Acension two years ago. I moved her from her school in Crystal because she was almost failing math and science. She started at Acension in 8th grade and did a 360 turn around. This last semester, she had an A in both courses.”
(my emphasis) Maybe the kid should give mom a lesson about degrees and circles.


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