Monday, April 25, 2005

Vile Children

So I'm subbing as a sixth-grade social studies teacher for the whole week, mainly because the regular teacher is filling in for the assistant principal, who left a couple of weeks ago to have surgery before she retires at the end of the year. Why they didn't get a long-term sub for this guy, I don't know.

On numerous occasions during the day, different teachers told me "it's not you, it's the class" or "Don't get too down on yourself, these kids are this way for everybody." Even the kids said "We're this way to all the teachers."

Personally, I wouldn't let that happen if I had this class from the beginning of the year. By rationalizing that "it's the kids, not the teacher," they have written off these kids for the year and aren't going to make any effort to have higher expectations.

One kid even said, "Are you going to blow up? The other teachers usually blow up after five minutes." I told them I don't blow up.

On top of all this, Annie has pneumonia.


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