Saturday, April 16, 2005

Check Dilemma

I got paid yesterday for subbing a few weeks ago, but I have come across a problem.

I worked four (out of six) periods at a high school a month ago, and both the regular teacher and I were under the impression that I would get paid for a full day, because I worked for more than half a day.

Unfortunately, the on-line substitute teachers' handbook (dated from the 2002-03 school year, no less) says that if you work over half a day ("four periods or more") at the high school level, you get credit for a full day. The very next sentence says teachers get paid for a half-day if they work "four periods or less" at the high school level. I worked four periods. Do I get full-day or half-day credit?

I also need to deposit this check, but it says on the back (like all government checks in Minnesota): "The endorsed payee, in endorsing this check declares that the same is received in payment of a just and correct claim against the school district, and that no part of it has heretofore been paid." I'm afraid that if I deposit this check, I agree that I have been correctly paid for this job. Which I haven't.


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