Saturday, February 05, 2005

Evolution and Religion Reconciled!

"Darwin's finches are not like Michelangelo's Adam, who raises his finger languidly to meet the down-stretched finger of God: the first man, molded of clay, half-raised from earth, created in an instant. These birds are more like Michelangelo's Prisoners, the famous statues he left half in and half out of the marble, so that looking at them today we can almost see and hear the sculptor's chisel at work. The birds are alive and breathing, but they are unfinished; in the Galapagos the sculptor is still at work, measurably and demonstrably... The chisel is hard at work daily and hourly in every landscape on the planet."

-From The Beak of the Finch : A Story of Evolution in Our Time, by Jonathan Weiner


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