Tuesday, December 07, 2004

This is ridiculous

Friday night, when we got home from curling, I found our internet connection was down. Weird, but I'll deal with it Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, it's still down. Because the TiVo is connected through the network, I decide to test that connection. It works. Therefore, the internet works, the cable modem works, and the router works.

I bring another computer downstairs, and plug the router-PC cable into the other computer. Doesn't work. Aha! I switch cables, and we're up and running again. Problem solved, right?

Yesterday afternoon, the same symptoms occur as on Saturday. I think, "fried cable again..." I went to Target, got a new cable, and plugged in. Doesn't work.

I tried every conceivable combination, but still nothing. Even the diagnostic tests on the PC and the lights on the equipment show that information is getting through, but the PC can't interpret it. I am vexed.

As I am going to sleep, I think, "the hardware is fine, so it must be the software. When I turn on the computer, the Comcast program can't 'initialize.' I'll re-install the software in the morning."

This morning, I turn on the computer, and everything works fine.

Was the computer tired, and needed to rest? Was Comcast messing up my PC connection while leaving the TiVo connection alone? This is ridiculous!


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