Thursday, December 09, 2004


I had an interview yesterday (actually, a double interview-- One opening each at two high schools in the same district. Six hours later, one of the principals called to say "thanks, but no thanks." I'm still putting out hope for the other position), and was a little insulted by one of the principals.

He was explaining the positions, saying that even though two teachers were retiring, they were posting the jobs as long-term subs just for second semester. The reason they did this, instead of posting them as permanent positions, was that they were concerned about the quality of candidates this time of year.

So he seemed to be implying that if you don't have a job by mid-December, you must not be a quality teacher. I think that's a load of crap-- There are plenty of reasons why I don't have a job yet, but the quality of my teaching is not one of them. By the way, the principal who made that comment was also the one who called last night to turn me down.

Maybe I got into the wrong field. Perusing district web sites, there are tons of ESL, math, science, and even a little surge of English openings. A bunch of elementary teachers seem to be going on maternity leave, too. Not so much for social studies.

In the long run, there's a new high school and a new middle school opening in the area next fall. Maybe I can get in on the ground floor somewhere. That won't pay the bills this winter, though.


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