Monday, November 01, 2004

Touch-screen voting

We went to the casino yesterday, and they have a weekly football pick game. It struck me how this would be the correct way to do "touch-screen" voting.

I was given four games to pick winners. When I touched my choice, a big red checkmark appeared over the "button" that I touched. After I "voted" for my four teams, I touched a "next page" button at the bottom of the screen, where I was given four more choices.

After I had chosen all of my "candidates," the screen showed all of my choices on one screen, and I could make any changes I deemed necessary. I could then submit my "ballot."

My picks were then printed out, and if I won, I was to bring it back to the casino to collect my prize (if you look closely at my picks, you see that it ain't gonna happen.) If this was a voting booth, I could examine my printout, then put it in a ballot box. If there would be a dispute with the touch-screen votes, there's automatically a "paper trail" of receipts with which to do a recount.

It's pretty sad that entire states can't do properly for an election what an Indian casino can do right, for something as insignificant as a football picks promotion.  Posted by Hello


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