Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rowboat Veterans for Truth

Rowboat Veterans for Truth knows the real deal:
The Rowboat Vets for Truth will counter the outrageous claims made by Mr. Washington and the liberal printing presses in Boston and Philadelphia.

We speak from personal experience - our group includes men who served beside Washington in combat against unarmed Germans on Christmas night, 1776. Though we come from different backgrounds, shoe menders, haberdashers, stable boys, candle holders to the wealthy. etc., and hold varying political opinions, we agree on one thing: George Washington lacks the potential to lead.

We regret the need to do this. Well, sorta. For a long time, most Revolutionary veterans kept silent. However, now that a key creator of that poisonous image is seeking the Presidency we have resolved to end our silence.

It's time to set the record straight.

Alert your history teacher!


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