Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lesson Learned - Shop Around

When the crooks broke into my truck, they stole my garage door opener remote. I went to Home Depot yesterday, but they had an extremely limited selection of replacements, and none from my opener's brand. So I looked in the phone book, and saw that Metro Garage Door services my brand, and even has a showroom. I went over there and bought a new remote, which cost $50. The guy said I should consider buying two.

After that, I went to Menard's to look for some unrelated items. I came across their wide selection of garage door openers, and they had the exact same model of opener that I had purchased for $28.

I went back to Metro Garage Door, and told them I would like to return the remote because I saw the same thing at Menard's for a lot cheaper. They said "no returns on electronic items." They couldn't explain why they have a "25% restocking fee on returned items" sign on the wall if they don't take returns.

If you need a replacement garage door opener remote, go to Menard's. They have it for cheaper.


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OH Crap ER...

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