Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Debate: Support Paige's Colon or Fashion Statement?

From Bike Forums:
My wife, a cancer survivor for one year now, was a little upset when we were at a party this weekend and people were talking about the wristband as a fashion trend rather than talking about the cause behind it or the people affected by cancer. Actually, some people thought the wristband was in support of LA and his victory at TdF. I understand my wife's feelings. But for those who are not immediately affected by cancer, do you wear the wristband because it is popular or are you aware of and support the cause behind LAF. I'm just curious.

Both. Lance is using his popularity to fight cancer, one dollar at a time. I really don't care if the Hilton sisters wear it as long as the money goes to good use...and I'm a cancer survivor.

I bought one to show my support for the cause, but I don't wear it mainly because I don't like having anything hanging around my wrist.

i've never met anyone wearing one that didn't know the cause behind it. but, i've met plenty of people who don't wear them and think they're just an accessory.

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