Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm a Liberal and I'm Proud of It

I just finished Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, and I will share something from the very end (p.353):
"...Bush is good at make-believe. He says what he has to say. But he gives tax cuts to his supporters, throws business to his cronies, quietly guts environmental protections, and leaves millions of children behind. He calls himself a compassionate conservative. That's the biggest lie of all.

The right-wing media racket lets Bush get away with it. When the mainstream media dares to tell the truth about Bush, they're called biased. This book, no doubt, will be accused by some of having liberal bias. See how shameless they are? They'll stop at nothing.

Yes, I'm a liberal, and I'm proud of it. It's a term we need to reclaim. Because I believe most Americans are liberals just like me. Most Americans believe in helping people. And most Americans believe that the government has a role to play-- to create opportunity, to protect the environment, to provide for the common good.

We are the country, but they control it. Only 7 percent of Americans say they want to weaken environmental regulations. But the 7 percent are in charge.

How do we get it back? We have to fight. But we can't fight like they do. People say that Rush and Fox and their ilk are popular because they're entertaining. And if you can stomach that stuff, I suppose they are. But a part of their entertainment value comes from their willingness to lie and distort. They fight with lies.

We can't do that. We have the fight them with the truth. Our added entertainment value will have to come from being funny and attractive. And passionate. And idealistic. But also smart. And not milquetoast-y. We've got to be willing to throw their lies in their face.

When we say 'Hey, Dr. Wolfowitz, didn't the Clinton military do a great job in Iraq?'

And they say 'Fuck you!'

We've gotta come right back and say, 'No. Fuck you!' That's how we're going to win this thing.

Truth to power, baby."


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