Thursday, June 24, 2004

No smoking

The St. Paul City Council passed a smoking ban in city bars and restaurants, but mayor Randy Kelly said he would veto the ban. According to an article in the Star Tribune,

The battle lines have been clear from the start. Supporters view a ban as a public-health issue. Period. Opponents say that a ban in St. Paul makes it an island and that the city has no right to make decisions that affect the livelihood of private businesses.

I thought the underlying idea was that bar and restaurant employees have the right to work in a smoke-free environment, just like virtually every other one of us. I've seen on the news before where people had said something like "if they don't want to work in a smoky bar, they should get a job somewhere else." That's almost like saying, "If you don't like making $40,000 a year, maybe you should get a job that pays a million a year," as if it was that easy.

Smoke at home, not when I'm trying to eat.


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