Monday, June 21, 2004

Media Bias

We just got back from the Redneck Riviera (actually, a little east -- The western Florida Panhandle), and something struck me when we were eating at the Whataburger regarding media bias. This was on Thursday, when the 9/11 Commission report came out.

USA Today's headline was something along the lines of "Commission finds no link between Iraq and Al-Qaida," which was the main point of the report that day, and undermines the Bush Administration's main justification for the war.

The Northwest Florida Daily News of Fort Walton Beach, however, had a headline that read something like "Al-Qaida planned 10 planes for 9/11 attack." It's an interesting finding by the commission, but not exactly a surprise, and not even close to the main point the Commission made.

Really, nobody can be unbiased. That's one of the reasons I left the journalism program at the U. Apparently, in other countries, the news media make no attempt to be impartial. I think we're heading in that direction here, but you can't exactly call something a "No Spin Zone" when you spin things clockwise instead of counter-clockwise. (Actually, in that link, Bill O'Reilly makes the opposite point that I just made.)

It's good to be home.

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