Thursday, May 06, 2004

Why do I even bother?

When I got into my room at the middle school this morning, there was a voicemail from the other special ed teacher who takes my kids halfway through block two so I can go over to the high school and perform the job I was hired to do.

Her message (paraphrased): "I had a sub yesterday, and her notes said that 'your' kids didn't do any work when they were over there. Will you please remind them (for the sub and for me) that they are supposed to be doing work when they're in my room?"

I don't know if there was anything else, because that pissed me off so much I deleted the message before she was done talking.

So I replied to her voicemail: "Here's a thought: When these kids are in your room, you're their teacher. If they don't work, make them work. I don't have magical powers over them that will make them into obedient drones, otherwise THEY WOULD BE WORKING! I send work with them every day (especially after you tattled on me to the principal), and I can't do anything else with them after they leave my room. By the way-- I don't know if you have noticed, but kids tend not to listen to subs. Especially middle school kids. Especially special ed middle school kids. Especially special ed middle school kids in May. So lighten up and just go with it. We're not making a difference, anyway, so why freak out? Your job is secure for next year, while I'm unemployed; I am potentially one of these subs who kids won't work for."

Not really. I was much more diplomatic: "Thanks for letting me know. I've been having problems getting these kids to work, too. I'll remind them next time I see them. Hang in there, we only have a few weeks to go. Have a good day."

But I was thinking the first reply.


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