Thursday, May 27, 2004

Chicken Little

For those of you concerned about the possibility of a terrorist attack this summer, consider this article from the New York Times:

Some intelligence officials said they were uncertain that the link between the fresh intelligence and the likelihood of another attack was as apparent as Mr. Ashcroft made it out to be. Officials at the Department of Homeland Security said just a day before Mr. Ashcroft's announcement that they had no new intelligence pointing to the threat of an attack.

Senator Richard J. Durbin, an Illinois Democrat who is a member of the intelligence committee, said in an interview that the committee had received no word of any new information of the type Mr. Ashcroft described. Mr. Durbin said that if there were credible new information about a possible strike, he believed the intelligence committee should have been told about it.

In other words, this was just a reminder that because big events are scheduled for this summer, they make tempting targets for terrorist attacks. If there really was an impending threat, the thermometer would be orange.

Or it should be.


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