Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The other shoe

Remember back in November, when I had that kidney stone? When I got a MRI, they told me I had another stone waiting up in my right kidney, biding its time.

It's here.

I woke up yesterday morning, and I had the exact same pain in my right side that I did four months ago in my left side. I was almost positive it was the other stone, but since we had a workshop day, I decided to see if I could make it-- Maybe it would improve as the day went on. It didn't.

I went home at lunch, and when Annie got home from work, she took me to the emergency room. When the doctor finally saw me (after two hours!) he admonished me for waiting so long to come it. He said that since I know what a kidney stone feels like, I should have gone to the ER right away. He also said he could sympathize with me, because he has had 25 (!) kidney stones.

They gave me a CT scan (when is apparently the usual procedure for a kidney stone), and that's when the scary part started.

When the CT came back, the doctor said it looked like a stone, but something else didn't look right with my kidney, so he ordered an MRI. The first think the MRI tech asked was if there was a history of cancer in my family. While I was in the tube, she came in and gave me a shot of some "contrast," which is some kind of mineral that "is attracted to tumors and polyps." Nice.

The doctor came back and said the MRI was fine, and I had "blown out" my kidney because I waited so long to get into the hospital. So, they put me on an antibiotic for that and some pain meds.

I never thought that a kidney stone would be good news, but in this case, it was.


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