Wednesday, March 17, 2004

So I was informed today that the district in which I work will not be renewing my contract for next year... I have mixed feelings, because I really hate my job right now and I wasn't planning to return next year, but it's always hard when somebody tells you that they don't want you anymore. I have been doing the best I can, considering the circumstances, but apparently that's not good enough for the district. Ah well.

On a related note, it's interesting how schools and the private sector differ in their procedures for cutting employees. My buddy Tim was laid off last April, and he told me that a security guard (?) escorted him to his cubicle, watched him pack up his stuff, and escorted him to the front door of the building. We don't want you anymore, you're gone now (with severance pay).

In schools, you're told you won't be back next year, and you have to finish out the rest of the year. Some people have been known to just shut down and phone it in, but that's not the way I do things. So, I have to get up at 5:30 for the next two and a half months, teach classes, do special ed paperwork, attend workshops, and everything else every other teacher has to do, but when the school year is done, so am I. Since teacher contracts run through the summer, I get paid through the summer, which is nice. I think people in the private sector who are under contract get their contract paid off all at once when they're let go... Or maybe not. It's different, that's for sure.

A week until spring break.


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