Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I've been noticing a meme spreading lately, and that reminded me of a discussion with Marlee on her blog. Maybe this has been something only around Merriam Park, but maybe not. The scenario:

It's a busy intersection, two lanes without a left-turn lane, and a stoplight without a green left-turn arrow. There are a few cars lined up in the left lane, and at least one further back has its left blinker on.

In the past, I have seen cars pull up in the right lane, and when the light turns green, it becomes a drag race, frequently leading into road rage.

Around Merriam Park, I have seen cars pull up in the right lane, but when they see that the front car is going straight, they stop about a half-car length from the intersection. It's sort of like saying "After you, but I'm not going to sit behind those people who will have to wait forever to make a left turn."

I know it's a meme, because I have seen it, I have thought that it was a good idea, so the idea has replicated itself in my brain. Maybe other people have seen me do it, and thought the same.

Does this happen in the suburbs?


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