Monday, January 19, 2004

I've been going back and forth about whether I should apply for the social studies position at the high school where I work.

Pro: I spent a year of my life and $13,000 in student loans to get a social studies license, and I like teaching social studies.
Con: I will probably not be let out of my special ed contract.
Pro: I've been telling myself that I could do a better job than the person who was in the job, so it's "put up or shut up."
Con: If I get the job, I might have to go from a third-year continuing contract to a long-term-sub contract, which means I wouldn't get paid over the summer.
Pro: The other special ed teachers are not happy about the way things were going with the old teacher, so I could be an "insider" and do things right.
Con: This would draw more attention to myself, and I'm trying to lay low.
Pro: I wouldn't have to be split between two buildings, and I wouldn't have to do all that special ed paperwork.
Con: The district would have to hire another special ed teacher to take over my position.

I did write up a cover letter and updated my resume. The deadline for application is Wednesday, and the job would start next Monday. If I'm going to apply, I'll have to send it inter-school mail tomorrow.


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