Monday, December 01, 2003

Today, I ran across the best special ed form ever: "Extension of Evaluation/Re-Evaluation Period." The law says that you have 30 school days from the eval planning meeting to complete all the testing, gather observation and other data, write an Eval Summary Report, write a new IEP, and have a new meeting. That's on top of the normal teaching duties, such as teaching freakin' classes.

Well, I have two current re-evals in progress right now, both due the week before Winter Break. The seventh-grader's was due back in mid-September, about a week and a half before I was even hired by the district. The middle school's counselor told me that the other LD teachers put it off, even though the district would not be in compliance with the state, because they wanted to "let the new person do it."

The ninth-grader's was due last March, when he was still a student in Minneapolis. They plum blew off the (legally required) re-eval, and when this student transferred to St. Paul, they didn't do anything about it, either. Guess who gets to do that one, too?

On top of all this, I missed seven school days with my kidney stone. This "Extension" form will help me out a lot-- Put the reason on the form, send it out, and if the parents agree or don't respond within ten days, the extension goes through. I could buy myself a couple of more weeks to get this done, and still have it technically legal, even though they're both way overdue.

This is one reason why I am not planning to continue this job for next year, even if I get my contract renewed. I want to get back into social studies, and I would rather short-term or long-term sub than do all this paperwork crap for another year (or worse, the rest of my life... Some of my co-workers are so bitter, it's sad).


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