Wednesday, December 10, 2003

So I parked on a side street overnight because we live on a snow emergency route in St. Paul and we don't currently have a garage. I spent 20 minutes spinning my wheels trying to get out of my spot, which wasn't unexpected, because I have a pickup and I don't have any weight in the back (I fixed that- I now have 280 pounds of sand in the back). What was unexpected was that there were people and cars out and about, who could clearly see that I was having trouble, and didn't offer to help. Finally, the guy who was snowblowing the apartment sidewalk across the corner came over and asked if I needed a push. Thirty seconds of pushing later, I was on my way, and he got a big "thank you." In the olden days, I wouldn't have to complain about this, because people used to help each other out. The feeling I got this morning was "sucks to be you." I guess that's what you get for living in a neighborhood that's 51% rental housing; people aren't committed to the neighborhood, and therefore not committed to their neighbors.


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