Friday, December 05, 2003

Now that we're at the beginning of barleywine season, I'm enjoying a delicious Old Horizontal at the moment. Nice and syrupy. One of the good things about living in an 87-year-old house is the fact that I can keep my beer in the basement and it is a perfect cellar temperature. Get this stuff too cold, and it's not just the same. I also have some Bigfoot barleywine (1995 and 2002 vintages), some Old Foghorn from Uncle Fritz' brewery, and some 1994 vintage Thomas Hardys Ale. Unfortunately, another site says Eldridge Pope is out of the brewing business, so this is an endangered beer. When should I drink it? Eep! I also have most of a case of Russian Empirical Stout which I made a few years ago (I have to start documenting my brewing better) which kicks ass. Annie and I split a 12-ounce bottle a few years ago, and we both got a buzz off of it. Now that's a winter warmer.

I guess I'm just a cold-weather kind of guy...


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