Saturday, December 20, 2003

I have been enjoying thinking about this article from Slate: "Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?"

From what I've learned in my multitudinous years in schools, Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the same god, in different ways. Apparently, some Christians think that Muslims worship a different god than them, because "Jehovah" is a different god than "Allah."

That would be like saying my dogs don't exist to Spanish-speaking people, because they are "perros." Or to Norwegian-speaking people, because they are "hunder."

What I also enjoy is the inherent contradiction for these Christians: The First Commandment states: "You shall have no other gods than Me." (Would G/god talk about H/himself with capitalized letters?) If these Christians think that Muslims are workshipping a god who is not the one "True God," that means they are believing that there is more than one G/god, and they are violating their own First Commandment.

These Christians also don't seem to have as much of a problem with Jews as they do with Muslims. Could it be that more Jews have been assimilated into American culture, and we're dealing more with bigotry than theology?

Disclosure: I have to look up these Commandments. I don't necessarily subscribe to them, but I sure don't have them memorized.


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