Sunday, December 28, 2003


The casino insanity continues... We went to Ameristar Casino on Friday night, but it was a zoo, and they replaced all of their video poker machines with new touch-screen ones that are set really fast, so you zip through everything quickly.

Saturday morning, we went to the Harrah's just down the road (river?), and I proceeded to get four aces on Double Double Bonus ($200) for the fifth time in a week. Shortly thereafter, Annie also got four aces. We went back to her parents', and rested for a while in the afternoon.

Annie and I went back to Harrah's Saturday evening, and sat at the poker bar on the lowest level. Since the beer choice was poor, we had gins and tonics. Playing quarters at the poker bar, we played for a while and pretty much broke even. I wandered off to play a machine somewhere else, and when I came back, Annie had a bucket with 70 dollar tokens in it, and her machine had four aces with a kicker, which pays $500. With all of our big bucks, we decided to play $60 on the dollar poker, and a few hands in, hit a four-of-a-kind for $250.

We realized we were getting in over our heads, so we went back to the quarter pokers. I got a couple four-of-a-kinds, and so did Annie, but we were getting tired, so we decided to call it a night about five hours after we got there.

Counting things up back at Annie's parents' house, we had $1040 $1080. Most of this we think can be attributed to the lucky beads given to us by the bartender at Harrah's.

A pretty nice late Christmas present, if I do say so myself.


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