Monday, November 10, 2003

Update: We now know why Randy Moss was so obviously half-assing it on the field Sunday. He knew he wasn't going to get the ball deep. A snippet from Dan Barreiro's column in today's Star Tribune:

Remember only this: The Vikings have the only defense in football that can take Randy Moss out of a game.

"There was a point in the game when we wanted to turn it into a 'Let's make first downs' and stay on the field longer," Mike Tice said. "So we actually were not trying to go down the field."

Think about the absurdity of this statement. So terrified was the head coach of putting his own defense back on the field that he all but demanded that, Scott Linehan, his offensive coordinator, turn down any opportunities to throw deep to one of the most dangerous players in football.

Imagine that conversation:

Linehan: Mike, I think we can hit Moss on a post route if we can catch 'em in the right defense.

Tice: Too risky. We might score. We grind away.

Mike Tice had such little faith in his defense that he wanted to keep them off the field... By not exploiting the most explosive combination in football, which could have given enough points to win! I would have been fine with a 63-56 win! That would have been exciting!


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