Thursday, November 20, 2003

Uff Da! The longest week of my life has ended. Last Thursday, I woke up with a severe pain in my right side. After toughing it out for a few hours, I drove myself to the ER, where they gave me a CT scan and told me I had a kidney stone that was ready to pop. After some IV pain meds, I was ready to go with a prescription for some more pain meds, which held out pretty well until Saturday morning. Another trip to the ER, another two prescriptions for pain meds. Long story short: I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow morning to remove the stone, but I passed it on my own this morning. I'm still taking tomorrow off of work for recovery, but this did cost me seven sick days. I also have another, slightly larger stone in my other kidney, but that's actually in my kidney, so it's not causing any trouble yet. Owie.


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