Sunday, September 14, 2003

I remember when I first experienced the internet... It was so cool to surf around and find new things. I don't really do that anymore-- I just look at the same few sites on a regular basis. Now with the blogs, it brings back the fun of surfing. You can look at someone's blog, and they're linked to someone else, and so on... I've found some things that I probably would never have found.

Continuing with yesterday's thought: With the blogs I've come across, if they're not in Portuguese, they're written by somebody in a bad mood. I don't know the proportions, but it seems that a majority of blogs are lists of complaints or negativity. I am including myself in this category, too. So, for the last week of summer (the first day of fall is next Sunday), I will try to include only positive comments on this site. I hope I'm still able to have multiple postings every day!


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