Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I noticed that the Twins' division championship caps were ironical trucker caps. Which leads me to an outburst about "memes."

A meme has been referred to as a "mind virus." A couple of examples that I can think of are the ideas "impeach Bush because he lied about the justification for attacking Iraq," which was selected out, and "Impeach Clinton because of his shady real estate dealings," which survived, and eventually mutated into "Impeach Clinton because he was messing around with an intern."

If it's a virus, then you would not go out of your way to catch it. It just sort of happens, like a cold, the flu, or civil rights. Door-to-door solicitors or televangelists are like the Typhoid Mary of memes.

That's why I say a site like this does not contain a selection of "memes." You don't go out "looking for a meme for Monday," any more that you would go out looking for a cold sore on Friday. I would call it a "list of prompts" more than anything else.


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