Monday, September 08, 2003

How did the Grand Experiment work?
The Lions easily ate up the Cardinals. correct
The Broncos bucked up the Bengals. wrong
The Colts kicked (get it? 9-6) the Browns. correct
The Vikings did indeed go medieval on the Packers. correct
The Chiefs got the Chargers. correct
The Falcons clawed up the Cowboys. wrong
The Seahawks talon-ified the Saints. correct
The Steelers beat the Ravens. correct
The Texans took out the Dolphins. correct
The Jaguars and Panthers were evenly matched! (24-23) I'm counting that as correct
The Bills stampeded over the Patriots, even though their mascot is a proposed law. no call
The Giants did step on the puny Rams. correct
The Bears were mauled by the 49ers. wrong
The Titans did get mythological on the Raiders. correct

So far, this scientific system is 10-4. Pretty good numbers. It works!


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