Friday, September 05, 2003

As I was "helping" Molly with her football picks yesterday, we decided on a "fallback" approach to picking winners: If the teams' mascots were to fight in "real life" the mascot that would win the fight represents the team that will win on the field. Let's take a look at week 1, shall we?

A Jet would surely strafe a "Redskin" (notice they're back to their Indianhead helmets this year): wrong
A Lion would easily eat a Cardinal.
I think a Bengal would eat a Bronco, but it would be a good fight.
A Colt would beat a Brown (whatever that is).
A Viking would surely go medieval on a Packer.
I think a Chief would beat a Charger.
A Cowboy would use his six-shooter to drop a Falcon out of the sky.
A Seahawk would probably claw the eyes out of a Saint, but would be forgiven.
A Steeler would beat a Raven, mostly because ravens don't do much except caw.
A Texan would use its handgun to shoot a Dolphin.
A Jaguar and a Panther would be evenly matched.
A Patriot and a Bill? Sounds like it should be played in Washington.
A Giant would probably step on a Ram, unless the Ram could butt the Giant off of its mountain.
A Bear would easily maul (and probably has) a Forty-Niner.
Mythologically speaking, a Titan would crush a Raider.
And a Buccaneer would probably get that Eagle.

Tune in Monday to see how this turns out...


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